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This page contains over 100 images of before, during and after application please allow the page some time to open we have tried to include the descriptions on how we acheived the completed project so you can glean how to Do It Yourself.
Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membranes is able to be used on both Internal and External Tiles. When applied to gloss tiles it is very difficult to see where the membrane has been applied to, but when applied to matt finish tiles it bring out the colour in the tile a little more like a wet look. If you are interested in getting a sample application performed contact us on

Blue Bathroom

In a very white home the owners wanted a mood changing bathroom and came up with the blue bathroom which in some lights can be almost black. The bathroom has textured concrete floor with cement sheeting on the walls. The vanity was an antique cupboard reclaimed and detailed. With of course Clear Waterproofing Membrane over everything!

Philippines Tallest High Rise

The Philippines financial hub Makati is located on a fault line known as Marikina Valley Fault System meaning it is affected by earthquakes. But this does not stop the city of being full of high rise buildings. But when the city was hit by one of it biggest the tallest building contacted Remedial Membranes to be able to seal the outside from movement cracks. The Clear Waterproofing Membrane is being used on the facade, balconies, window reveals, bathrooms and the helipad. As you can imagine with an application of this size and with Covid this project is ongoing…

Exposed Brick Bathroom

Hampton’s bathroom was actually styled off the $40 cupboard the owner had brought of Facebook years earlier with the plan for the future. The outline given for this ensuite was to be bathed in light and of course remain tile free. The walls are grooved cement sheeting met on a texture concrete slab with the cupboard being repurposed into a vanity.

Bathroom on a budget

The owners gave us an outline, Do this bathroom on the tightest budget you can! With Textured concrete floors, grooved cement sheeting feature walls and a repurposed cabinet this bathroom met the preview and of course Clear Waterproofing Membrane over everything

Concrete bench tops (Easy Lap boards).

Want to be able to transform an average kitchen into the pinnacle on modern design see how we did it.

Timber and Corrugated Ripple Iron Bathroom

Using Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane gives you the opportunity to personalise your bathroom and do it YOUR WAY. No longer being restricted to tiles, using whatever materials you like you can truly make this YOUR project! The following bathroom consists of timber and corrugated ripple  iron and is fully waterproofed and slip resistant.

Project completed by Livable Homes, located Townsville, QLD.

Concrete Floors

Do you have asthma or young children and need to have a inexpensive way of making your floor easy to clean whilst looking fantastic? Lino and carpet was remove the lino glue was ground down and some drummy concrete was repaired. The concrete that was exposed was not in good condition to be left exposed so we use the cementitious self leveller with the CWM Sealer then the Clear Waterproofing Membrane with gloss finish installed.

How to create a concrete look over tiles (but without removing them)

Do you have tiles in your house and feel that you would like a change or they might even be a dated colour. Have you considered polished concrete but don’t want to go through the hassle of ripping up the tiles to only damage the slab. Here is your answer;

Prime the tiles, apply cementitious self levelling over tiles (do the whole area in one application to ensure constant colour without strong variation) followed by CWM Sealer and Clear Waterproof Membrane.

Tiled areas may need 2 coats to remove the look of grout joints but if the joints were treated first then 1 coat should suffice. We particularly like the textured looks so if you also like this look sand the swirls a little to bring more attention to them prior to applying the sealer and membrane.

Various Vanities

If you look at todays vanities and feel they lack a little in the way of style then check out some of the options that we have done and send us in your projects.

Do you want to create the bathroom of your dreams without design limitation? Contact Remedial Membranes today to see how we can assist you in creating your dream wet areas!!! 02 8012 7216 or